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 Daily news from the Canaries and the islands' biggest English language newspaper on-line
Daily news from the Canaries and the islands
   Daily news from the Canaries and the islands' biggest English language newspaper on-line

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Gift horses should sometimes be very closely inspected
Daily News21.07.2005 - Congratulations youve won the lottery welcome news if its true.
The islands are prone to forest fires, so do take extra care
Daily News21.07.2005 - The death of 11 volunteer fire fighters in Guadalajara recently, fighting a blaze believed to have been started by a careless barbeque, is a timely reminder of the dangers this time of year.
Picturesque traditions on display this month
Daily News21.07.2005 - Almost every civilisation has its feasts, rituals and rites at harvest time and the Canaries is no exception.
All over the islands various celebrations are held to mark one of the most important periods in the farmers calendar and in Tenerife, three not to be missed events have been scheduled, for anyone who enjoys seeing the Canarian lifestyle as it was. more...
Churches and church halls will be exempt from the charges
Daily News20.07.2005 - Pensioners and church and social groups will benefit from a new rubbish collection proposal.
In certain designated zones only inter-island ferry boats and those fishing using traditional methods will be allowed
Daily News20.07.2005 - On July the 18th the IMO (International Maritime Organisation) committee on protection of the seas designated Canarian waters as a PSSA Particularly Sensitive Sea Area.
Essential road works are being carried out in the south
Daily News20.07.2005 - Tenerifes island council has approved essential work to improve roads in the south.
The famous dunes of Maspalomas are within the Reserve
Daily News20.07.2005 - The declaration of half of the south-east of the island and its maritime strip as a World Biosphere Reserve has provoked some important European publicity.

Check a dive site thoroughly before committing yourself
Daily News20.07.2005 - The number of spinal injury cases registered so far this season has sounded the alarm in the islands. more...
The elderly need to take extra care of their health in the hot weather
Daily News20.07.2005 - The summer officially started yesterday, the 19th of July, with temperatures of over 30 degrees centigrade across the archipelago. Officials are warning residents and holidaymakers to take care of their health, with hospitals all across the Canaries on high alert for the expected influx of patients. more...
Bermdez is counting on Spanish visitors to prop up the tourist industry
Daily News20.07.2005 - With the recent slump in the number of German and British tourists arriving to Tenerife, tourism from the Spanish peninsular has been propping up the market, with forecasts of a further 10 per cent rise this summer.
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