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Rockslide beach reopening plans
Santiago del Teide Council has unveiled plans to reopen the Los Guíos beach in Los Gigantes on which two woman were killed in a rockslide back in November.

Rockslide beach reopening plans

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Los Gigantes - 26.08.2010 - Local mayor Juan Damian Gorrin revealed yesterday that work will begin on a stretch of 75 metres of the beach in October to shore it up against rockslides by placing steel netting on the cliffside. The work, lasting four months, is due to be completed by early 2011, although another section of the beach will be remain closed off for the time being until funding is secured to carry out similar improvements. Gorrin said the reopening would kickstart the local economy, which has suffeed badly since the November tragedy and subsequent beach closure.

Tenerife - 29.08.2014 - Tenerife have reacted angrily to comments by an Argentinian player that it was "no contest" when Las Palmas contacted him to sign. more...
Canary Islands - 29.08.2014 - Today sees the marking of th 20th anniversary of the first migrant boat to reach the Canary Islands. more...
29.08.2014 - The search resumes for a British man who was swept out to sea yesterday afternoon after falling into the water in Adeje. more...
Tenerife - 28.08.2014 - An accountant has been arrested in connection with the theft of 250,000 euros from the books of a big water company in Tenerife. more...
Canary Islands - 28.08.2014 - Fashion giant Zara has withdrawn a controversial top from sale because of criticism that it looks like the clothes worn by Jews in concentration camps. more...
Tenerife - 28.08.2014 - The Ice Bucket Challenge that is sweeping the world has arrived in Tenerife, with various well-known figures posting pictures of themselves being soaked for a good cause. more...
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Having difficulty adjusting to life in the islands?
After the ‘honeymoon’ with living in a new place is over and the endless sunny days cease to allure you as much as they did, the real transition starts. more...
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