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Loro Parque
To Kohana – a daughter, Vicky, 152 kilos
Loro Parque proudly announces their latest birth. “This unique event confirms the success of the breeding programme and the total well-being of the animals. Our veterinarians are cautiously watching the progress of the calf”.

17.08.2012 - Loro Parque announces a unique event with the birth of the second orca in its OrcaOcean facility. This is a major milestone for the breeding programme, of which Loro Parque is extremely proud because reproduction is the most important factor that confirms the well-being of the animals at the site, which was specially created for these marine mammals. Kohana, the new mother, is 10 years old and was born in San Antonio in Sea World in the USA. She gave birth last night to her second calf, weighing in at 152 kilos, and after twp hours of labour. She was attended and assisted constantly by a team of veterinarians, biologists and her trainers. Just moments after the birth, the baby, which measures 2.40 metres, instinctively swam to the surface to take her first breath. “It is a very important day for all of us at Loro Parque as this birth is clear evidence of the well-being that all our animals enjoy,” said Miguel Díaz, chief orca trainer. “The little calf is strong, swims with energy and we are very happy to have the privilege to see how it grows up," remarked Díaz. “The experience with assisted-rearing of this species at Loro Parque is very important, proven by the appropriate growth and development of Adan, the first calf born in the park, which is now almost two years old," explained Dr. Javier Almunia, Deputy Director of the Loro Parque Foundation. However, the veterinarians and trainers prudently await the progress of the calf, as the first few weeks are crucial for the development of the baby, which begins life with its basic immune system only, and it therefore takes time to strengthen it. This is the second birth of a killer whale in the Orca Ocean facility which was inaugurated in 2006 and where there are seven orcas living together including Adan (born at Loro Parque), the female Morgan which came from Holland and four others born in 2nd and 3rd generation in captivity at Sea World in the United States, where already a total of 30 orcas (including this birth) have been born in the breeding programme, which is the most successful in the world and has over 40 years of experience. This exceptional case will provide scientific information and knowledge about breeding and the care of the baby, which will benefit future offspring of this and other cetacean species. Loro Parque, inaugurated in 1972 and with more than 43 million visitors since its start, has been accredited with diverse and numerous International Certificates for environmental quality such as the EMAS and 14.001, and also has the stamp and recognition ‘Animal Embassy – Biosphere Park awarded by the Institute of Responsible Tourism (linked to UNESCO) in addition to other awards, one of the most important being the Prince Felipe Award for entrepreneurial excellence. Also Gold and Silver Awards for touristic merit and recently the Gold Medal from the Government of the Canaries amongst other numerous awards. More information on Photos: Santiago López

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