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Moses film causes camel conundrum for Telde
The filming of the biblical epic Exodus in the Canaries looks set to cause a festive problem that few could have foreseen, it seems.

Bettenhaus Hammerer
Telde - 13.12.2013 - Reports today from the town of Telde in Gran Canaria indicate that the local council will be forced to rethink the fomat of its Three Kings Parade on 5 January after discovering that the camels used to carry their Majesties and their gifts will not be available. According to media on the island, the camels are normally hired and shipped in from a wildlife park on Fuerteventura for the big night but the owner has informed Telde that all of them are on permanent hire to Ridley Scott's film about the life of Moses, which is being shot on the island.

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