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Daughter saved her mother from suffocating

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Normally a mother gives life to her child, but sometimes this is reversed, as in the case of an eleven-year-old girl from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria who saved her mother's life at the beginning of the week. She called her grandfather because her mother had swallowed a tablet and could no longer breathe. He then called the emergency number and gave the telephone number and address of his daughter. An emergency doctor called the apartment. He asked the girl to open the apartment door so that the paramedics could enter the apartment as soon as they arrived. Then he instructed her to turn the phone onto loudspeaker and gave her first aid instructions. First she was to stand behind her mother and hit her between the shoulder blades five times with the palm of her hand. When this didn't help, he asked her to embrace her mother from behind with both arms, make a fist with her right hand and spread her thumb as a kind of hook. She should press this thumb firmly into the pit of the stomach and make upward movements. The little one did this very well and the mother was instructed to cough. Meanwhile the grandmother arrived in the apartment and took over. By the time the ambulance crew arrived, they had managed to eject the pill. Although the acute risk of suffocation had been eliminated, the woman was admitted to the University Hospital of Gran Canaria for a medical examination as a precaution.
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