Wednesday, 30.09.2020
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Belt up on buses?

A recent accident in the Spanish peninsula which saw a number of school children injured refocused many people’s minds on an age old question of safety in coaches.

Over the years and over the world the debate continues, with many quoting research that shows that seat belts in buses are not the most effective way of protecting children, and in some cases can even cause more injuries than they might prevent, with one study in the USA stating a number of years ago that lap belts could increase the risk of serious neck and abdominal injuries. Shoulder belts, the study concluded, “could provide some benefit, unless misused.” Many young passengers, the study warned, were likely to wear shoulder belts incorrectly, slipping them behind their backs or under an arm. That, in turn, also could increase the risk of injury in a crash. So what do you think? Should bus passengers including be required to wear seatbelts?
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Aida and Georg, Köln

In Germany there is no need to think about it. I have never heard about an accident. If they happened more frequently, I would perhaps agree that something should be done. But I think in buses there is no real risk, because the seats are cushioned and if you fall, you are falling softly. Therefore I think making seat belts obligatory would be unnecessary.

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