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Beijing or boycott?

As the Beijing Olympic games draw near and the symbolic flame is making its way around the world people watched with dismay the recent events in Tibet, where civil rights protests involving the monks were stemmed with (depending on which source you believe) varying degrees of violence and voices were raised in concern all around the world.

When China was granted the right to host the games one of the reasons was that it was felt it would help in the emergence of improved human rights, however many observers are saying that the opposite is in fact that case, and that the authorities are using the games as an excuse to arrest and silence detractors.

So does this merit an international boycott? Many would feel it does, others that boycotts of sporting events achieve very little, with some continuing to support the notion that sports and politics should never be intertwined. So what do you think?
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Rainer, Bremen

Boycotting the games is not an adequate way of putting China under pressure.  It does not work like this.  I think the games have to take place, but all those participating could show their solidarity. For example they could display messages on their shirts during the opening ceremony. Together they could point out, that they do not agree with how the regime has acted.

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